50/50 and Draws

Many chances to win!

WIN up to $10,000 every night of the Grove Rotary Ribfest presented by RavenWolf Brewing Co. and the Rotary Club of Spruce Grove! We are holding nightly 50/50 draws on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and tickets are on sale NOW on Rafflebox.  Proceeds support programs our club does in youth leadership development, alleviation of poverty, mental health and family violence prevention, and more.  Basically, all the good stuff that needs to get done in Spruce Grove.

Friday night's winning number is Ticket #: D-13405. $2,045.50 Claimed!
Saturday night's winning ticket number is Ticket #: C-21687. $2,338.00 Claimed!
Sunday night's winning ticket number is Ticket #: D-31447. $1,782.50 Claimed!

(AGLC License Nos. 605584, 60585, 60586)